California Professional Firefighters

Secretary-Treasurer's Message

CPF Secretary-Treasurer
Mike Lopez

Brothers and Sisters,

In the month following the CPF Convention, President Brian Rice and myself hit the road running and continuing the hard work of CPF for the membership. I want to thank the CPF staff for the continued professionalism and commitment moving forward under the new leadership.

One of my priorities is to work with the accounting staff to ensure that our financial obligations are accounted and in order, I can tell you that the devoted staff under our Finance Director Irene Chu is very hard working and dedicated. This June, our staff will be conducting one of our many audits throughout the year to ensure that we are following all regulatory obligations.

Resolution #18 (Expanding Membership Activism, $0.06 per-cap) which was voted on at the CPF Convention submitted by Arcadia Firefighters Assn. Local 3440 and Riverside City Firefighters Local 1067. This will enable the CPF to be more proactive in educating our affiliate leadership on the current issues, provide coaching and assistance to locals facing challenges due to inactivity, generational differences and engagement issues. I look forward to working with representatives from each district to ensure we produce the most up to date information for a variety of locals of the CPF.

Resolution #26 (Involvement in Judicial Elections and Appointments $0.02 per-cap) will provide locals with the opportunity to voice their concerns regarding judges and magistrates that have had significant impacts on firefighter issues. We look forward to educating our membership on the value of the effects the judicial system has on our members and the importance of voting.

By the end of June, your leadership will have received your official notification of the Per-Cap increases for each affiliate. At convention, the delegates voted on two resolution increases as mentioned above and we anticipate a $0.20 operating COLA.

Finally, with a full legislative agenda, Janus vs AFSCME, cap-and trade, EMS issues plus many more – not to mention the elections and another year of potentially disastrous wildfires – our CPF and IAFF family is fully engaged working to protect our families and the citizens who you protect everyday.

In Solidarity,

Mike Lopez Secretary-Treasurer