California Professional Firefighters

What CPF Means to You

The central question that drives all CPF activities is a simple one: Will it make things better for front line firefighters? Answering that question has led CPF to develop an unmatched array of benefits and services to protect career firefighters so they can protect the public. These services are available exclusively to CPF member locals and provide an unmatched return on every member’s modest per-capita contribution.



  • Aggressively pursue firefighter-friendly agenda in the Legislature
  • Respond directly to inquiries from any member local
  • Regular web and email updates on legislation

WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU:  CPF’s exceptional Legislative Department guarantees that your voice will be heard! From cancer presumptions to 3% at 50 to 2007's Firefighters Procedural Bill of Rights  – CPF gets things done for firefighters in Sacramento.


  • Identify and financially support pro-firefighter candidates and causes 
  • Provide direct, professional support for member locals in city and county races
  • Coordinates TV and print contacts, giving member locals political clout

WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU: At the state legislative level in 2010, CPF-backed candidates virtually ran the table, winning over 90% of the contests in which we made an endorsement … Democrats and Republicans with a commitment to the issues that make a difference to our members. In the run up to the local elections in 2010, CPF's political and communications departments once again played key roles in helping our locals design and implement their own political action programs. Dozens of local city council members, fire board members and local ballot measure campaigns benefitted from CPF's coordinated political team.


  • On-call support for any member local on any issue affecting the lives and livelihoods of their members
  • Direct link with state and national resources for any labor-management issue
  • Resource for advice from hundreds of local leaders around the state

WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU: You need someone watching your back. CPF provides your local with an army of supportive colleagues who understand firefighting and how to win battles with management, whether on contracts or in grievances.


  • Continuously monitor state health and safety regulations, such as 2-in, 2-out
  • Forcefully advocate pro-firefighter position with regulatory agencies and governing boards
  • Provide Personal Exposure Reporting (now available online)

WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU:  When regulators are deciding how safe you need to be on the job, you need a seat at the table! CPF gives you that seat and more. Experienced firefighting professionals are at the disposal of your local to deal with any health and safety issue. CPF is a dominant force working to keep you safe on the job.


  • Unique state organization addressing particular needs of retirees
  • Keeps retired firefighters in touch with the industry and with former colleagues
  • Updates retirees on legislation affecting their pocketbooks

WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU:  Being a firefighter is a lifetime thing. CPF’s Callback Association gives you a chance to keep connected after retirement. It also lets your former colleagues stay connected with retirees and benefit from their experience.


  • Groundbreaking state partnership to provide quality education and training to today's professional firefighter
  • Produce video-based training programs
  • Administer industry-leading Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)

WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU:  Firefighters need to know the person next to them can do the job. Through its apprenticeship efforts, CPF is a potent voice working to insure a broad pool of candidates that meet the highest professional standards of an increasingly complex industry.


  • Fundraising and oversight of California Firefighters Memorial in Sacramento
  • Coordinate sale of firefighter license plates, benefiting the Memorial
  • Awards scholarships for college-bound children of fallen California firefighters through the California Firefighters Endowment and the Daniel A. Terry Scholarship Program
  • Assists families of fallen firefighters in obtaining survivor benefits

WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU:  Firefighters remember the sacrifices made by their brothers and sisters. CPF keeps faith with these sacrifices by insuring fallen heroes are recognized for putting their lives on the line to protect the public.



FireStar Productions
Firefighters Print & Design


  • Promote profession and local unions with award-winning TV and print facilities
  • Provide professional advice to locals on dealing with media, public

WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU:  The public trusts firefighters. For CPF, protecting that good name is a sacred commitment. CPF helps present firefighting in a favorable light, both to the public and to politicians.


  • State Council for premier international firefighter advocacy organization
  • Help to insure California issues are addressed nationally

WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU:  CPF is the California eyes and ears for IAFF. The CPF-IAFF Connection is a powerful one-two punch in the cause of insuring that firefighters receive the pay, benefits and respect they deserve.