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CPF Mobile App Support

Our mission is not only to provide great products but also the best support for our users.

If you are having issues using the app or have feedback to make it better please drop us a line at and we will reply as soon as possible. Most of the common issues can be resolved by restarting the app or by checking the FAQ below.

General App Questions

How do I get the CPF Mobile App?

The CPF Mobile App foriPhone and iPad is available at the iTunes App Store. The CPF Mobile App for Android smartphones is available at Google Play.

When I touch the Campaign 2012 button, it sends me to a login page. Why is that?

CPF's Campaign 2012 information -- as well as a variety of other special content -- is available to active and retired CPF members only. Please REGISTER HERE to get this special content. You can also register to view this content through the app itself.

The videos and some of the content sometimes loads slowly. Why is that?

Like most mobile apps, CPF's works best with the fastest connection possible. When you can, try to view videos when you are on a WiFi connection. Some of the features -- notably the "Where's The Fire" section -- link to external sites, where bandwidth may also be a factor. 

CPF Mobile App for iPhone and iPad

Required iOS version

The CPF Mobile App require iOS 4.3 or later. Check which iOS version you have in the Settings section -- General/Settings/About. If it is 4.2 or lower, find the "Software Update" button to upload the latest iOS version that works with your phone. 

Does the CPF app works with iPod Touch & iPad?

Yes! the CPF App works on iPod Touch and iPad. The app needs an internet connection to retrieve information. For any device that doesn’t have a data plan, a Wi-Fi connection is required.

Does the CPF app work with the new iPhone 5? 

Yes, it works perfectly with the latest Apple technology, including the new iOS 6.

CPF Mobile App for Android Smartphones

Required Android operating system.

The CPF Mobile App supports Android 4.0 (Codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich) or earlier. Though it is not officially supported, most functions also work on Android 4.1 (Jellybean) but the Campaign 2012 section is not supported. Full Android 4.1 support will come in a future update.

Does the CPF Mobile App work on Android tablets?

The CPF Mobile App is not officially supported on tablets, but should operate similarly to the smartphone version on Android 4.0. Android 4.1 is not supported. We will work toward providing such support in the future.

What about the Kindle Fire or Nook tablets?

The CPF Mobile App is not available for these devices.

When I watch videos in the CPF Firevision section, it asks me to choose a browser. Which one should I choose?

Pick the one marked "YouTube". Video playback on Android works best when running through the YouTube dedicated app. When the browser choice is presented, choose the YouTube button. It will take you to the CPF Firevision mobile page. You can watch any of the programs there. Return to the CPF app by using the "Back" button on your Android smartphone. If your problems persist, contact us at

Sometimes the browser crashes before the video starts. What should I do?

Close the program and restart. If the problem persists, send us a note at Be sure to give us the model of the phone and the Android operating system you are using.

If you need additional support, please CLICK HERE to send us an email.