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CPF releases a monthly podcast that will be available the first Wednesday of every month. The podcast covers a wide range of topics relating to California firefighters, unions and the communities we serve.

You can listen to each episode below or on iTunes, Spotify and PodBean.

Special Episode of CPF Fire Wire featuring Ashley Iverson, wife of fallen firefighter Cory Iverson. CPF President Brian Rice and Ashley discuss the loss, the pathway to healing and the work Ashley is doing to honor Cory's memory.


Listen to Episode Six where CPF President Brian Rice is joined by Assistant Chief of Oxnard Fire Department and Suicide Intervention Counselor Alex Hamilton. The two discuss the impacts of the job on behavioral health, the need to break the stigma and the vital role peer support plays in getting firefighters the help they need. 

Listen to Episode Five with CPF President Brian K. Rice, Sacramento Area Firefighters Local 522 Mike Feyh, LA County Firefighters Local 1014 Jason Cervantes and Kurt Kobler. All four come from very different points of view on the political spectrum and each are actively involved in their union.

Listen to Episode Four with CPF President Brian Rice joined by Secretary-Treasurer Mike Lopez to discuss the accomplishments of their first year in office and their vision for the future. 

 Listen to Episode Three where President Brian K. Rice is joined by CPF Director of Governmental Affairs Christy Bouma to discuss legislative priorities.

Listen to Episode Two where President Brian K. Rice is joined by CPF Communications Director, Carroll Wills, and Deputy Communications Director, Fera Dayani to discuss the future of labor and tips to activate your membership.

Listen to Episode One with CPF President Brian Rice joined by special guests Nick Gracia, President of Daly City Firefighters Local 1879, and Brian Ursettie, President of Arcadia Firefighters Local 3440.

CPF Fire Wire is also available on iTunes, SpotifyPodbean.com and anywhere else you get your podcasts. Share this link with fellow members to listen to our monthly podcast.