California Professional Firefighters

Cal/OSHA Standards

Reference list of Cal/OSHA standards most often utilized by firefighters.

Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment
Article 10.1, Sections 3401-3411
SCBA & Other Respiratory Protective Equipment
Article 10.1, Section 3409 and Article 107, Section 5144
"Staffing" (# of personnel on duty at a time)
Article 108, Section 5159 (a)(4) and Section 5144(g)
Diesel Fumes
Airborne Contaminants, Article 107, Section 5155
Injury and Illness Prevention
Section 3203
Hazardous Waste Worker and Emergency Response
Article 109, Section 5192
Bloodborne Pathogens
Section 5193
Aerial Ladders
Article 24, Sections 3636-3642
TB Control
Airborne Transmissible Diseases, section 5199