California Professional Firefighters

Air Mask Safety Advisory

MSA has issued a user advisory concerning their Air Mask Audi-Larm Coupling Nut Tightness.

The air mask's coupling nut secures the Audi-Larm assembly to the cylinder valve. This joint employs an o-ring seal with a hand tightened coupling nut. Some reports indicated that the o-ring extruded and the air loss occurred several minutes after the cylinder valve was opened and the air mask pressurized. This occurred when the coupling nut was not hand tight before use.

An Audi-Larm coupling nut that is not hand tight can cause unexpected extrusion of the coupling nut o-ring and potentially result in a rapid loss of air.

Users must ensure that the coupling nut is hand tight when donning the air mask before each use, as well as during air mask inspections and before performing any functional tests. The MSA is reinforcing these checks in the operation instructions as a reminder to users.

If you have questions, please contact MSA Customer Service at (877) 672-3473 or (412) 967-3000. Complete details can be found by CLICKING HERE.

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