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Document Your Exposures with

Since 1985, the CPF-sponsored Personal Exposure Reporting system has been helping firefighters identify and document the hazardous exposures they encounter on the job.

California's presumption laws, which include cancer and tuberculosis, require that firefighters be able to provide documentation occupational exposures for these worker's compensation claims. All of the presumptions that exist in statute are disputable, meaning the firefighter needs to have evidence to prove exposure.

With all of the chemicals, toxins and medical hazards that firefighters deal with on a daily basis, PER is the firefighters' best defense in the event you have an occupationally related illness.

In the last year alone, 6,653 incidents were reported by the nearly 9,418 firefighters who are registered in the PER system. More than 191,117 separate incidents have been reported since the program began almost 25 years ago.

Incidents reported range from exposures to chemicals and products of combustion to blood and air borne pathogens. The information reported is also anonymously submitted to our statewide database for use in trend analysis and prevention specific to firefighters.

So how does the PER program work? For only $15 per year, members have unlimited access to document all of their exposures and review their incidents through the secure Web site or by mail. For $20 per year, members have the same level of access, as well as the ability to mail in incidents with pre-paid postage.

"It's a small price to pay for peace of mind," said Kevin White, CPF Health and Safety Director. "We are proud that we can offer this line of defense for our first responders. It has certainly helped protect thousands of firefighters for over two decades."

For those new to PER, dozens of fire departments and local unions already cover the cost of PER for their members. CLICK HERE to find out if you are already pre-paid!

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