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Personal Exposure Reporting -- Your Best Protection

The Personal Exposure Reporting (PER) system is your best defense for identifying and documenting hazardous exposure trends on the job. Whether entered online ( or through the mail, the PER system provides employees unmatched protection, security and confidentiality.


Why Should Firefighters Report?

Because of what they face on the job, firefighters and EMTs are at greater risk of contracting cancer, tuberculosis, and other blood-borne diseases. The cancer rate alone among firefighters has more than doubled in the last three decades.

California's presumption laws, which include cancer and tuberculosis, require that firefighters be able to provide documentation of occupational exposures for these worker's compensation claims. All of the presumptions that exist in statute are disputable, meaning the firefighter needs to have evidence to prove exposure.

The Personal Exposure Reporting System meets the linkage requirements for cancer. It meets the test for proving exposure in rebuttable presumption cases. And by documenting exposures and their effects, the PER system furthers efforts aimed at prevention.

PER and Prevention

To eliminate incidents of occupational cancer and infectious disease transmission, controlling exposure to carcinogens and infectious agents is essential. Using the PER, firefighters are facing the challenge of prevention. Working together to record on-the-job exposures, they are helping to identify when, where, and under what circumstances they are exposed to hazardous agents. Ultimately, these efforts will help us to find needed solutions to the problem of firefighter cancer and illness.

The Firefighter Personal Exposure Record is the best defense against hazardous on-the-job exposures, for today and for tomorrow. The Exposure Record is the best tool for preventing cancer and infectious diseases in the future...because firefighters deserve the best!

How to Sign Up

The Personal Exposure Reporting system includes the following:

  • An Entry Form which requests personal background information including name, address, fire department, and employment history. This form is used to create a participant's confidential file, tagged by social security number.
  • An Exposure Report Form used to document exposure on the job. Reports are added to the participant's confidential file. The information, excluding the individual identity, is also used to build a statewide database on firefighter exposure.

All active PER members have access to the secure online PER system (, so that exposures can be recorded immediately and with the assurance of security and privacy.


The Personal Exposure Reporting is a self-funded service to firefighters that is sponsored by CPF. It is sustained by a small yearly fee charged to those who take advantage of the program. It is available for individuals or entire fire departments for a fee of $15 per member per year.


Certain departments and local unions cover the cost of the PER for their members. Click HERE to download a list of locals and departments that pay for PER. If your department is on the list, simply register online or by mail.


For more information or to enroll in the Personal Exposure Record System, go to, or contact Firefighters Research and Education at:

1780 Creekside Oaks Drive
Sacramento, California 95833
Phone: 916-921-9111
Fax: 916-921-1106