California Professional Firefighters

Our Issues

Protecting Our Rights … Securing Our Futures

CPF routinely wins bipartisan majorities for its legislative priorities at the Capitol and is at the forefront of coalition building efforts on issues like pension protection and fire service resources. And when we need stand and fight in the public, CPF is there, carrying the standard for our proud profession.


Building a secure retirement for a lifetime of commitment is the least we can offer first responders in a civilized society. CPF has been at the center of the fight to build retirement security, and the fight continues.


Firefighters are far from alone in their concerns about health care security in an era of rising costs and reduced coverage. Add to this the new alarms raised by the GASB-45 accounting standards, and suddenly health care is at the top of CPF member concerns.


As public servants and as people, firefighters deserve to have their rights as employees and as Americans fully protected and defended. Preserving your right to collective bargaining, binding arbitration, due process, political expression and privacy is a cornerstone of the CPF mission.


On-the-job injuries are a fact of life in our profession, but for some, the injury is the least of their pains. CPF has worked hard to insure that firefighters don’t have to haggle for the workers’ compensation benefits they have earned.


Keeping firefighters safe on the job means insuring that firefighters are well-trained, and that the safety regulations are up to date. CPF fights to protect and expand training dollars and expertise through the California Fire Fighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee (CFFJAC). CPF is also a forceful voice for front line firefighters with state regulators.

CPF-backed legislation made it possible for federal money to be used to provide homeland security training through the CFFJAC (SB 156). Additionally, CPF has convened dialog with CalChiefs, Metro Chiefs, and other management organizations in developing a unified fire service approach to the issue of statewide firefighter training.


CPF’s mission is to protect the men and women on public safety’s front line. But we never forget the importance of their mission – to protect the lives, property and futures of the residents they serve.

CPF has been a leader in moving toward full implementation of the findings to come out of the Blue Ribbon Fire Commission, established in the wake of the 2003 Firestorm. Joining forces with CalChiefs and other management groups, CPF continues to work to insure that the broadly supported Blue Ribbon Commission Report is not left on a shelf.


California’s fire service has led the nation in bringing high-quality, fire-based EMS services to our cities, counties and special districts. A commitment to the highest standards of patient care, professionalism and workplace safety has been a core value for CPF, both in the Legislature and in the regulatory process.

CPF’s EMS director brought first responder issues to dozens of sessions of the state Emergency Services Agency, and followed up with literally hundreds of communications on issues ranging from hospital patient dumping to EMT regulation.