California Professional Firefighters

AB 1373: Keep the Pressure on Gov. Brown

Concerned Citizens Sound Off in Support of AB 1373

Add your voice to the cause and help keep the pressure on Governor Brown to support the families of California's fallen heroes by signing AB 1373.

CLICK HERE to sign the petition and join over 2,000 others in urging Governor Brown to Sign AB 1373 into law.

“Governor Brown, we put our lives on the line every day for our communities; our families don't deserve to be treated with such callousness.” – T.M., Danville.

“My two young boys should not be punished if I don't die quick enough after contracting job-related cancer.” – J.E., Merced.

“We fight every day against the things people cannot fight against themselves...To place a time deadline on a death benefit demeans the hard work and dedication peace officers and fire fighters have given to public service.” – D.C., Visalia.

“I have seen what happened to my family after losing my brother in law, a CHP officer, on duty. If my sister did not have benefits in place, she would be raising my niece and nephew without the critical financial support that allows her to be an unexpected single mom.” – M.L., Palmdale.

“When we receive a call for service we put ourselves on the line for our community, you have the call now so please put us first and sign this bill.” – M.H., Corona.

“As a police officer and father of three beautiful daughters, I urge you to please sign AB 1373. Please don't leave my girls stranded without my death benefits in the event of my death after the allotted time.” – J.B., Los Angeles.

“Instead of punishing the families of our fallen heroes during their time of need, let's help lift them up as they try to heal from the awful loss that they've suffered.” – K.D., Torrance.

“A policy that is over 100 years old especially as it pertains to health and longevity desperately needs to be amended.” – K.D., Los Gatos.

Add your voice and sign the petition urging Governor Brown to Sign AB 1373 into law!