California Professional Firefighters

CPF Begins Production of Digital Newspaper

For years, CPF has led the field in member communications, delivering its award-winning newspaper, The California Professional Firefighter, to more than 30,000mailboxes up and down the state.

Now, that same award-winning content is available at your fingertips.

Recognizing the drive toward mobile communications, CPF is now publishing a digital version of The California Professional Firefighter to accompany the print edition.

This new, digital edition, which includes a variety of content and interactive elements designed exclusively for mobile users, is available through CPF’s new publication-specific app on the Apple App Store.

An Android version of the application will be available through Google Play in the coming days.

“The world of media if moving in the direction of digital,” said CPF President Lou Paulson. “By moving our publications with it, we hope to give our members the best experience possible and keep them up to date on the issues affecting our profession.”

Stay up to date with the latest developments in your profession by downloading the “CPF Publications” app today. To download, simply search for the “CPF Publications” on the Apple App or CLICK HERE.

Please note, the “CPF Publications” app differs from the existing CPF app.

Readers who prefer hard-copy editions of the paper have nothing to fear over the new digital rollout. The California Professional Firefighter will continue to distribute more than 30,000 issues on a quarterly basis.