California Professional Firefighters

CPF Rolls Out Digital Voter Guide for Local, Statewide Endorsements

Digital slate allows CPF members to access firefighter endorsed candidate in federal, statewide and local contests

The firefighter endorsement is one of the most sought after in all of California politics, and getting those endorsements into the hands of rank-and-file members can often propel candidates to victory on Election Day.

Beginning this election cycle, CPF will be taking the process of identifying firefighter-friendly candidates into the 21st century, rolling out a digital voter guide capable of highlighting federal, statewide and local candidates endorsed by the firefighters up and down the state .

To access the endorsements available in the new voter guide, CPF members simply need to input their home address to view congressional, legislative and local candidates that have been endorsed by the firefighters working in the communities they seek to represent.


The local candidate data available within CPF’s voter guide was collected via a survey of local union leadership across California. The slate also produces CPF’s endorsed candidates for the California Senate and Assembly, as well as the congressional candidates endorsed by the International Association of Fire Fighters.

“Our union members often know the candidates that have been endorsed by their own local, but often are left in the dark about candidates endorsed by their neighboring locals, or those representing the community in which they live,” said CPF President Lou Paulson. “CPF’s new digital voter guide makes that information available to our members with the click of a button on the smart phone or home computer.”

The new digital voter guide is the result of a member-introduced resolution at CPF’s most recent biennial Convention.

Local presidents who have not submitted endorsement information for inclusion in the digital voter guide can send endorsements to Chris Patterson, CPF's political director, at