California Professional Firefighters

CPF-Backed Legislation Moving Forward

As of this past week, all of CPF's pro-firefighter priority legislation remains active in the Legislature, having won approval in at least one house on bipartisan votes. These include:

SENATE (to go to Assembly)

SB 944 – Community Paramedicine  28-8 rollcall.  T

SB 1124 – Protecting retirees against reductions for disallowed compensation  35-0 rollcall.

SB 1086 – Workers compensation – Statute of Limitations for death benefit claims  39-0 rollcall

ASSEMBLY (To go to Senate)

AB 2334 – workplace injury reporting – 48-24 rollcall.

AB 2380 – regulation of privately contracted private fire prevention resources 77-0 rollcall.

AB 2961 – mandatory reporting of wall-time –  78-0 rollcall. 

AB 2998 – ban on the sale of certain products containing flame retardants  58-12 rollcall


AB 1116 – peer support – on the Senate floor.

AB 2554 – tuition waiver for survivors of fallen federal firefighters – unanimously approved by Senate Education Committee.

AB 2990 – website posting of tuition waiver information on college websites – unanimously approved by Senate Education Committee. 

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