California Professional Firefighters

Our Legislation

Our Legislation

Jun 24, 2016
CPF Firevision - Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment

Cal-OSHA announces draft of new statewide standards which will ensure safer, more up-to-date firefighter personal protective equipment. The new PPE standards were spurred by CPF-sponsored legislation. 

May 14, 2015
CPF Firevision - Is California Ready?

With our drought-ravaged state facing the threat of a historic wildfire season, California’s emergency preparedness is front and center. 

May 4, 2015
New York Times Video Sheds Light on Toxic Flame Retardants

The New York Times "Retro Report" delves into the risks caused by the more than 80,000 flame retardant chemicals in use today. 

Sep 30, 2014
Gov. Signs CPF-Backed Toxic Flame Retardant Disclosure Law

In a move that could ultimately reduce firefighters' exposure to cancer-causing toxins, Gov. Jerry Brown has signed Senate Bill 1019. The CPF-sponsored legislation would require that furniture manufacturers disclose the use of toxic flame retardant chemicals linked to cancer and other illnesses. 

Aug 29, 2014
Package of pro-firefighter legislation headed to governor’s desk

In the final days of the state’s legislative session, California Professional Firefighters (CPF) was able to notch several decisive victories in the Legislature.