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Sep 18, 2012
SF Chronicle: Prop. 32 is Unbalanced 'Reform'

 In editorializing against Prop. 32, the San Francisco Chronicle says voters should "see through the facade" and vote NO.

Sep 12, 2012
Gov. Signs Measure Rolling Back Future Pensions

Legislation imposing sweeping rollbacks on retirement security for future public workers was signed today by Gov. Jerry Brown. 

Sep 5, 2012
SJ Firefighter Stricken in Blaze Regains Consciousness

A San Jose firefighter who suffered an on-scene heart attack is awake and alert after a week of unconsciousness. Frank Ryan collapsed Aug. 30 while on the scene of a fire at St. Patrick's Cathedral in downtown San Jose.

Sep 1, 2012
Bipartisan Work Comp Reforms OK'ed By Legislature

 Employee benefits will rise, medical restrictions will be modified, red tape will be cut and employer rates will go down under a CPF-backed Workers' Comp reform measure approved by the Legislature.

Aug 31, 2012
Pension Rollbacks Dodge Bargaining, Hurt Middle Class

 As lawmakers prepared to vote Friday on an historic rollback of retirement security, critics say the proposed pension deal usurps collective bargaining and is unbecoming of politicians who claim to support the Middle Class.

Aug 31, 2012
SJ Mercury News: Prop. 32 Would Worsen Campaign Finance Mess

 The San Jose Mercury News joined a growing list of those who are saying NO to Prop. 32 -- the Special Exemptions Act. "A sham," says the Merc, "that would magnify the influence of wealthy interests while shutting out many middle class voters."

Aug 24, 2012
Reduced Winds Aid Battle Vs. Nor Cal Fires

Nine fires that have collectively burned more than 400,000 acres may get an assist from Mother Nature as winds have begun to die down. More than 8,000 firefighters have been on the lines battling the blazes, the largest of which is on BLM land straddling the California-Nevada border.

Aug 14, 2012
CPF Firevision - Memorial 10th Anniversary (Pt. 2)

In Part 2 of a series of profiles commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the California Firefighters Memorial in Sacramento, CPF President Emeritus Dan Terry recalls the founding of the Memorial. 

Aug 10, 2012
CPF 2011 Annual Report Now Online

 California Professional Firefighters has published its 2011 Annual Report, reviewing the highlights and accomplishments of the year as well as the challenges ahead. CLICK HERE to read and download the report.

Aug 8, 2012
CalPERS Pres.: Pensions Unfairly Blamed for Local Bankruptcies

Media reports about the bankruptcies in Stockton and San Bernardino have tried to link these disasters to pension costs. CalPERS President Rob Feckner says the facts tell a different story.

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