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May 30, 2013
Vandenberg FFs Get Fire Season Furlough Notices

At a time when the Central Coast is under siege from wildland fires, Vandenberg firefighters are getting furlough notices. Thanks to the federal sequester, all 57 firefighters will face furloughs of up to 32 hours a month from July through September, and will see the closure of the base Hot Shots program.

May 28, 2013
Slate: First Responder Training and Teamwork Key to Disaster Response

 Untrained or poorly-trained "rescuers" are increasingly becoming casualties themselves in multiple fatality incidents, both in and outside the workplace. 

May 22, 2013
Anti-Pension Ballot Wave Crests as Court Problems Arise

No new anti-pension measures are being eyed at either the state or local level in California, and those that have passed are facing increasing difficulty in the courts. With pension funds at record levels and voter indifference rising, the anti-retirement tide may have finally ebbed.

May 9, 2013
CPF Firevision -- L.A. Arsonist Parole Fight

The convicted murderer who set a North Hollywood arson fire that killed 34-year-old L.A. City firefighter Thomas Taylor in 1981 is eligible to be released from prison. Watch and share and find out why Mario Catanio deserves to stay behind bars.

May 6, 2013
Massive Springs Fire Approaches Containment With No Homes Lost

Rain and cooler temperatures provided a much-needed break for firefighters battling the 28,000 acre Springs Fire in Ventura County. But the real miracle may have been the work of the firefighters themselves.


May 2, 2013
Windswept Fires Force Evacuations in Two Counties

Windswept wildland fires in Riverside and Ventura counties have forced the evacuation of hundreds of local residents, the leading edge of what could be a record-setting fire season.

Apr 29, 2013
CalPERS Erases Investment Losses From Recession

CalPERS' investment portfolio hit a record $261.7 billion last Friday, earning back all of the investment losses suffered as a result of the 2008 market meltdown.

Apr 26, 2013
Fire Activity Up in Wildlands - Bad Fire Season Looms

Drought conditions in California have caused a 45% increase in wildland fire activity, signaling the early beginning of a potentially bad fire season.  

Mar 18, 2013
Local Govt. Lobbyist Spending Close to $100 Million

 Cities and counties are far and away the biggest spenders on lobbying at the California State Capitol. According to the LA Times, local agencies spent nearly $100 million last year on lobbying, a total that "dwarfs" spending by unions, oil companies and energy firms. 

Mar 6, 2013
Misleading Sac Bee Editorial Attacks Firefighter Survivor Benefits

The Sacramento Bee has renewed an attack on legislation aimed at easing a 100-year-old restriction on firefighter survivor benefits in a harsh, and in CPF's view, misleading editorial 

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