California Professional Firefighters

Gavin Newsom -- The Strongest Choice on Firefighter Issues

Whether its on the front lines, on the job or as union members, California firefighters face challenges few could have seen a few years ago.

Fighting an ever-growing disaster threat. Staffing our stations. Protecting our jobs. Keeping us safe on the job. Protecting our retirement security. Protecting our rights.

The decisions made by the next governor will profoundly affect the future lives and livelihoods of our members on the job. On these issues, firefighters can't afford to sit out, and we can't afford lip service.

After reviewing the records of all the candidates on those job-related core issues, California Professional Firefighters' Executive Board unanimously endorsed Gavin Newsom for governor.

Why Gavin Newsom?

A record on firefighter issues. The future we face commands leadership that stands with our members in good times and bad. Gavin Newsom has been a steadfast, unwavering supporter of firefighters on the issues that matter to their lives and livelihoods ... even when it was unpopular.

  • As mayor of San Francisco, Newsom held the line against fire staffing cuts during the recession, even as other big-city mayors were laying off firefighters and browning out stations.
  • Gavin worked with employees on pay and pension issues, negotiating while other big city mayors were pushing drastic rollbacks of retirement security.
  • He held the line against contracting local services even as others were pushing dangerous outsourcing proposals.

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A voice for our members. In words and actions, Gavin has proven he is committed to giving firefighters a voice on the issues that matter to their lives and livelihoods: workers’ comp, fire safety, post-traumatic stress and our retirement and survivor benefits. He has committed to CPF that firefighters won't just be a photo-op -- we'll be on the team.

Supported by those who know him best. The proud members of San Francisco Fire Fighters Local 798 have endorsed Gavin Newsom in every race he's run, including his run for governor. “When our firefighters needed a champion at City Hall, Gavin Newsom stood up to those who wanted to roll back fire and emergency medical response,” said Tom O’Connor, president of San Francisco Fire Fighters Local 798. “He kept his commitment to public safety as mayor, and we believe he will stand up for our firefighters as governor.


"As representatives of 30,000 front line firefighters, its our responsibility to inform our members about the issues that affect their job, safety and retirement security. On these issues, the choice is clear to CPF: Gavin Newsom has stood with us in good times and bad. He has earned our support for governor.."-- CPF President Lou Paulson