California Professional Firefighters

Your Vote is Your Voice


Your vote is your voice. Our seat at the table comes from making our voices heard on Election Day this November.

Every major decision that affects the lives and livelihoods of firefighters is made by an elected official.  That’s why firefighters can’t sit on the sidelines. It's essential to elect candidates that stand behind the fire service and reflect the priorities and values of the profession in every race, at every level.

Your seat at the table depends on firefighters making their voices heard at the ballot box. In an election with so much at stake, every firefighter vote is critical. Your vote is your voice. 

WATCH: Vote Your Job, Your Family and Your Future: Vote Union
CPF President Brian Rice and State Building & Construction Trades Council President Robbie Hunter


CPF's Digital Voter Guide is currently live and has been updated to reflect the final recommendations for this election cycle from CPF and IAFF. 

These recommendations are based on who will stand on the issues that directly affect firefighters’ lives and livelihoods, including:

  • Your health and safety on the job
  • The resources, equipment needed to do your job
  • Your wages, hours and working conditions
  • Your retirement security
  • Survivor benefits for the families of our fallen

The Digital Voter Guide, which can be accessed from your smartphone or computer, provides customized lists of pro-firefighter choices in state elections and, importantly, recommendations made by your local union for contests closer to home. Each recommended candidate has a proven record of fighting for firefighter issues and has committed to continue advocating for firefighters across the state.

Find the CPF Digital Voter Guide at 


If you are voting at the polls on Election Day, November 6, click here to find your polling place.

If you are voting-by-mail, your ballot must be postmarked before or on Election Day and received by your county elections no later than 3 days after Election Day. If you aren’t sure that your vote-by-mail ballot will arrive on time, you can drop it off at any polling place in your county on Election Day.  

If you are signed up to vote-by-mail and have not received your ballot call the Secretary of State’s toll-free voter hotline at 800.345.8683

If you lost your vote-by-mail ballot or are registered to vote, but aren’t appearing on the voter rolls, you may request a provisional ballot at the polls on Election Day and vote.

For updates and additional information regarding the 2018 election, visit