California Professional Firefighters

Firefighter License Plate

Firefighters are proud of what they do… and they’ve shown it!

It’s been over twelve years since the California Firefighter license plate made its debut on the highways and byways that intertwine across the Golden State. Only active and retired firefighters may buy these plates to display on their automobiles, trucks, trailers and motorcycles – and since our license plates have hit the street, sales have shot through the roof! To date, over 33,000 license plates have been sold!

The California Firefighter license plate program was designed and created by the California Professional Firefighters. Using an image from the box office hit, “Backdraft,” the California Firefighter license plate has become a novelty within the fire service. The California Firefighter license plate program is administered by the California Fire Foundation - CPF’s non-profit, charitable organization. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of these specialized license plates go toward the maintenance and upkeep of the California Firefighters Memorial, located in Sacramento’s historical Capitol Park.

The plates cost $50 (sequential) and $103 (personalized).

Renewal costs are $35 (sequential) and $83 (personalized).

$35 from each renewal goes to the California Fire Foundation and is tax deductible.

For additional personalized license plate information, visit the California DMV website at

CLICK HERE for a license plate application. For more information regarding ordering your very own California Firefighter license plate, call (800) 890-3213 or e-mail Debbie George at