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CPF Callback Association

They call it "retirement," but nobody ever really retires from the fire service.

The ties that bind firefighters together on the job also keeps them connected once they leave the profession. Long after they leave the service, retired firefighters are still stopping by the station to visit with former colleagues and catch up on the latest news.

The California Professional Firefighters Callback Association was founded in early 1993 to establish and maintain a communication link with retired firefighters. California Professional Firefighters (CPF) is dedicated to keeping retirees informed about the profession to which they devoted their lives.

Association Goals

  • To protect the funds and investments of your retirement system
  • To maintain and improve the purchasing power of your pension
  • To create an information network to keep retirees informed

If you are a retired firefighter, CPF Callback is your direct connection to what's happening, and how it affects you.

Benefits of Callback Membership

As a member of CPF Callback Association, you receive the California Professional Firefighter, CPF's award-winning newspaper tracking news throughout the profession. You'll also get regular updates on CPF legislative and regulatory activity, and be eligible for additional insurance benefits through the CPF Health Benefits Trust.

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Join Callback Today!

If you are a retired professional firefighter who retired in good standing from a CPF-affiliated local, you are eligible for membership in CPF Callback.

The CPF Callback Association is working not only to keep you informed as retirees, but to keep your interests front and center in the halls of Sacramento.

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And as retirees, your feedback is always welcome -- just drop us a line at

After all ... you're not really retired, are you?