California Professional Firefighters

Benefits of Callback Membership

Backed by the influence and strength of California Professional Firefighters, the CPF Callback Association offers an unparalleled array of benefits to retirees looking to keep connected.

The California Professional Firefighter

CPF’s main vehicle of communication is our newspaper. This award-winning newspaper provides in-depth information on the activities of CPF, and keeps you up-to-date on changing retirement benefits, state legislation, the firefighter memorial, and local news about other firefighter associations across the state.

Information at the "Speed of Light"

For those Callback Association members with internet capabilities, we have several resources that offer the ability to be on the cutting edge of late-breaking news. The CPF website has comprehensive information on firefighter issues, but Callback Association members will also receive e-mail alerts about key legislative issues and breaking news.

Legislative and PERS Representation

The CPF sponsors and tracks legislation that affects firefighters – specifically legislation that will protect, secure and enhance your retirement benefits. In addition, CPF regularly communicates with the PERS Board of Administration to ensure your retirement benefits are protected.

Insurance Products 

As a Callback Association member, you’ll have access to first-rate insurance products designed specifically for firefighters through the CPF’s Health Benefits Trust.

Firefighter License Plates

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) recognizes the Callback Association membership card as an authorized form of identification to purchase the Firefighter License Plates.

CPF Conventions and Fallen Firefighter Memorial Services

Members are invited as guests to attend the CPF's biennial convention and annual California Firefighters Memorial services.

Firefighter Affinity Mastercard

Identify yourself as a proud professional firefighter with CPF’s Affinity MasterCard.

Callback Association Directory

The Directory lists Callback Association members and the departments they retired from.

Calendar of Events

The CPF Events Calendar lists upcoming firefighter and miscellaneous events being held throughout California and the U.S.

Discount Recreational Package

Enjoy discounts for a variety of recreational activities.