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Department of Managed Health Care
California HMO Help Center

The Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) is an innovative problem-solving and law enforcement agency designed to ensure aggressive prevention and high quality health care for Californians enrolled in managed care plans. The DMHC is a start-up endeavor, working for healthy Californians and a viable and accountable managed care system.

980 Ninth Street, Suite 500
Sacramento, CA  95814-2725
(888) 466-2219

Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP)

The Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP) is a volunteer-supported program that provides assistance with Medicare problems and help with health insurance. The program provides unbiased information to help you make the best choice for your individual health care needs. HICAP does not sell, endorse, or recommend any specific insurance. HICAP assistance is free, and includes community education services and individual counseling.

(800) 434-0222

The California State Office of the Patient Advocate

The Office of the Patient Advocate (OPA) is an independent office in state government, charged with informing and educating consumers about their rights and responsibilities as HMO enrollees. Established in July 2000, OPA is required to annually publish an internet-based report card on the quality of HMO services, develop consumer education materials and programs, advise the Department of Managed Health Care regarding consumer issues, and collaborate with government and community-based patient advocacy organizations.

320 W. 4th Street, Suite 880
Los Angeles, CA 90013-2347
(213) 897-0579 
980 9th Street, Suite 500
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 324-6407

Directory of Patient Assistance Programs/ PhRMA

This website contains a Directory of Patient Assistance Programs that PhRMA member companies offer to ensure that their medicines are made available to those who can't afford to purchase them. A number of their companies have pledged that no patients in need of their medicines will do without them.

950 F Street, NW
Suite 300
Washington, DC 20004
(202) 835-3400

Guide to California Medicare HMOs is a free public service website for California Medicare beneficiaries, their families, and friends. This site provides information about the Medicare program in California, as well as the options for covering health costs not paid for by Medicare.