California Professional Firefighters

Emergency Medical Service Department - Helping You Help Others

The citizens of California demand high-quality emergency medical services services that can only be provided through qualified fire-based EMTs and paramedics. CPF is committed to insuring that EMS services in this state hold to the highest standards with its EMS Department and EMS Committee.


The primary responsibility of the EMS Department is to provide information and assist in research on fire departments and fire-based EMS, in order to improve the lives and working conditions of CPF members. The EMS Department helps CPF affiliates with various components of EMS system operations, including staffing, deployment, transportation, equipment, communications, record keeping, public education, injury prevention and quality assurance.


The public expects its firefighters and EMTs to provide the highest quality of care possible. Laws and regulations governing EMS providers must keep this objective in mind, while acknowledging the need for consistent application to insure that fire service EMS is not hampered by excessive bureaucratic oversight.

The EMS Department represents the interests of CPF members on a number of state EMS committees and task forces that recommend statutory and regulatory changes to the state Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA). Many of these changes are suggested without consideration of the working conditions or impact on the EMTs and paramedics who are obligated to them. The CPF representative on these committees works to assure that statute and regulatory recommendations reflect the primary goal of the highest quality of patient care possible, while insuring that EMTs and paramedics work under reasonable regulated conditions and terms.


With the help of the EMS committee, the EMS Department works to maintain contact with the issues and needs of the membership. During meetings of the EMS Committee, concerns of specific Districts are brought forward and discussed. State EMS matters are discussed, and position statements are formulated. The representatives on the EMS Committee are:

1st District Ryan Lewis, Ontario Professional Firefighters, Local #1430
2nd District Craig VanderZwaag, Santa Barbara Co. Firefighters, Local #2046
3rd District David Macedo, Stockton Firefighters, Local #456
4th District David Rose, Santa Clara City Firefighters, Local #1171
5th District Maurice Patrykus, Camp Pendleton Professional Firefighters, Local #F-85
6th District Geoff Money, CDF Firefighter, Local #2881
7th District David Morse, Los Angeles Co. Fire Fighters, #1014
8th District David Pimentle, Los Angeles City Firefighters, Local #112