Digital Election Guide

Every major decision affecting our profession is made by an elected official. It is imperative that we elect candidates who stand behind the fire service and reflect the values and priorities of California's professional firefighters in every race, at every level. Each of you gets a chance to help choose the people who will make those decisions through the ballot box. 

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California Professional Firefighters makes recommendations in all state contests – Assembly, Senate, state constitutional offices and state ballot measures. These recommendations are made based on who will stand behind the fire service on the issues that directly affect firefighters' lives and livelihoods, including:

  • Your health and safety on the job
  • The resources and equipment needed to do your job
  • Your wages, hours and working conditions
  • Your retirement security
  • Survivor benefits for the families of our fallen

If it doesn’t fall into one of those areas, it doesn’t factor into the recommendation process. CPF never has and never will make a recommendation based on social issues, it is strictly about our jobs.

The digital election guide also includes IAFF’s federal recommendations and your local union’s endorsements.