Our Legislation

One of CPF’s core missions is to improve the lives and working conditions of career firefighters. Our governmental advocacy efforts have produced a string of successes in the areas of firefighter health and safety, workers’ compensation, retirement safeguards and employee rights, just to name a few.

CPF also works hard on legislation directly aimed at protecting the public’s safety, such as sponsoring and co-sponsoring bills to bring vital new revenue and needed equipment to state and local fire departments, as well as working to defeat measures that could put critical public services in the hands of private contractors.

Our efforts to improve the lives and working conditions of career firefighters aren’t all legislative. Much of what we do involves lobbying state agencies on your behalf, such as CalPERS, the Emergency Medical Services Authority, Cal OSHA, and more.

CPF also pursues:

  • Decisions or case law that impacts the current state of our laws affecting firefighters;
  • Legislative Counsel opinions for legal interpretations of statute and case law; or
  • Attorney General opinions, which have the force and effect of law and are sought to protect/reinforce firefighter rights.