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CPF Fire Wire Podcast

CPF Fire Wire podcast will release new episodes often. The podcast covers a wide range of topics relating to California firefighters, unions and the communities we serve.

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On this edition of CPF Fire Wire, CPF President Brian Rice meets with CAL FIRE Local 2881 President Tim Edwards to discuss their ongoing fight to bring the hours in their workweek closer to the rest of the California fire service.

CPF Pres. Brian Rice speaks with Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg on Proposition 1 and being part of the solution.

CPF President talks with Republican Assemblyman Heath Flora of Ripon about the legislative year, significant measures for firefighters, and the importance of working with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

As part of Suicide Prevention and Awareness Stand Down, CPF Pres. Brian Rice talks again with Oxnard Fire Chief Alex Hamilton, who has developed and instituted innovative peer-to-peer suicide awarness training.

CPF President Brian Rice continues his conversation with retired Sacramento Area Firefighters Local 522 President Richard Mayberry about the Sacramento firefighters strike of 1970.

Part One of CPF Pres. Brian Rice conversation with longtime Local 522 Pres. Richard Mayberry about historic 1970 firefighter strike and how it impacted the firefighter labor movement. 

CPF President Brian Rice discusses the recent federal legislation granting federal firefighters a workers' compensation cancer presumption, the result of decades of work led by CPF's 5th District. Joining Pres. Rice is Charlie Martinez, 5th District VP and a 31-year federal firefighter.

CPF Pres. Brian Rice talks with Rick Martinez, Executive Dir. of the California Fire Foundation, about the meaning and impact of the California Firefighters Memorial, and plans to expand it to ensure the continued remembrance of all fallen California firefighters. 

On this edition of CPF Fire Wire, CPF President Brian Rice discusses CPF’s legislative wins and the legislative process with CPF Director of Governmental Affairs, Doug Subers and CPF Governmental Advocate, Meagan Subers.

CPF Pres. Brian Rice talks about new international finding declaring firefighting as a Group 1 carcinogen, with firefighter cancer researcher Dr. Jeff Burgess and Bryan Frieders, president of Firefighter Cancer Support Network. 

On this edition of CPF Fire Wire, CPF President Brian Rice talks with Dave Coker, president of the Professional Firefighters of Greensboro (NC) Local 947. A longtime labor leader who cut his teeth as a lineman and CWA organizer,  Brother Coker talks about the importance and value of the union movement in a state where collective bargaining is illegal. 

California is the birthplace of USAR, and firefighters form the foundation of the state's eight USAR Task Forces. CPF President Brian Rice talks with one of the founders of USAR, Cal-OES Director Mark Ghilarducci. 

CPF President Brian Rice talks with the author of AB 1116 — Assemblymember Tim Grayson — about the new law and the importance of peer support.

CPF President Brian Rice provides an update on CPF's work in Sacramento to protect its 32,000 front line firefighter members.

CPF President Brian Rice has a conversation with one of the toughest and most influential labor leaders in the state: Robbie Hunter, outgoing president of the State Building and Construction Trades Council.

This past July marked the one-year anniversary of the dramatic and devastating fire aboard the U.S.S. Bonhomme Richard, an amphibious assault ship docked in San Diego. In this edition of CPF Fire Wire, CPF President Brian Rice talks with San Diego Federal Firefighters Local F-33 President Ian Piccolo about the incident. 

In his own words, Anaheim Firefighter/Paramedic Matt Fiorenza tells his story about post-traumatic stress, his journey to the brink of suicide and his path to healing.

CPF President Brian Rice talks with Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins, arguably the second most influential politician behind the governor, about the challenges facing California and the issues affecting firefighters.

A January court decision in San Diego marks a major milestone in the fight to protect pensions. CPF President Brian Rice talks with San Diego City Firefighters Pres. Jesse Conner about the importance of the ruling in the fight for retirement security.

Continuing with Season 2 of CPF Fire Wire, President Brian Rice once again sits down with Gov. Gavin Newsom to discuss the pandemic response, wildfires and forest management and recovering from a year like no other.

The first ray of hope in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic has come with the release of two vaccines for emergency use. The remarkable and highly effective vaccines are being distributed beginning this month, with frontline health care workers – including firefighter-paramedics and firefighter-EMTs – are on the priority list to receive it.

Anaheim Fire Captains David Baker and Joe Aldecoa experienced the real risks of COVID-19 the hard way.

The outbreak of SARS-Cov 2 (COVID-19) has once again placed firefighters on the front lines of a disaster. But unlike a wildfire or a normal EMS call, the pandemic has created unique stresses on firefighters and, more importantly, their families.

When the coronavirus COVID-19 hit the shores of the U.S, one of its first landing spots was San Jose. It's now clear that the members of San Jose Firefighters Local 230 were being exposed to COVID-19 on calls for weeks without knowing, and they were the first to feel its effects.

The outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 has become a major public health issue worldwide. Fire and EMS personnel are on the front lines of the epidemic, and exposures of our personnel have already had an impact.

On this edition of CPF Fire Wire, CPF President Brian Rice talks with two firefighters who have faced death from illnesses caused by their jobs.  

Contra Costa Fire Captain Michael Lacy and Alameda Co. Firefighter Alex Mengell talk with President Rice about their life-and-death experiences dealing with job-related illness, their challenges getting treatment and recognition and how CPF's Personal Exposure Reporting can be as important in protecting firefighters and their families. 

In this episode, CPF President, Brian K. Rice is joined by Stockton Firefighters Local 456 President, Mario Gardea and Tracy City Firefighters Local 3355 President, Paul O’Neal to discuss their EMS dispatch and ALS services battle in San Joaquin County.

Brian and Governor Newsom discuss the Governor's first year in office and his commitment to firefighters across the state. As his first act in officeGovernor Newsom invested over $400 million in wildfire response and preparedness. He created the California Rises benefit concert and raised millions in relief funds for the survivors of wildfires. Most signficantly, he recognized the need to address firefighter behavioral health and kept his campaign promise by signing AB 1116, confidential peer support, and SB 542, PTSI presumption. 

The careers of all California firefighters have been impacted by the Cal-JAC, from apprenticeship to journeylevel training and safety improvements. The Cal-JAC is a partnership between labor and management with a mission to bring diversity to the fire service, standardize firefighter training, innovate recruitment processes, provide resources to locals and departments, and much more. Brian and Yvonne talk about the positive impact of the Cal-JAC on the fire service and the work ahead. 

This was a historic legislative session for California firefighters. Listen in as CPF President Brian K. Rice shares testimony from members across the state that helped CPF-sponsored bills become law. 

Ashley's husband Cory was a CAL FIRE engineer and member of CAL Fire Local 2881. On December 14, 2017 Cory lost his life battling the Thomas Fire. Cory's sacrifice was honored at last year's California Firefighters Memorial. Brian and Ashley discuss the loss, the pathway to healing and the work Ashley is doing to honor Cory's memory. 

This episode features CPF President Brian K. Rice and Assistant Chief, Oxnard Fire Department and Suicide Intervention Counselor Alex Hamilton. They discuss the impacts of the job on behavioral health, the need to break the stigma and the vital role peer support plays in getting firefighters the help they need. Tune into this podcast to learn the signs and resources that are available. If you or someone you know is in crisis and considering suicide please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1.800.273.8255

This episode features CPF President Brian K. Rice, Sacramento Area Firefighters Local 522 Mike Feyh, LA County Firefighters Local 1014 Jason Cervantes and Kurt Kobler. All four come from very different points of view on the political spectrum and each are actively involved in their union.

CPF President Brian K. Rice and Secretary – Treasurer Mike Lopez discuss the accomplishments of their first year in office and their vision for the future. From directly connecting to members in the field, to prioritizing Post-Traumatic Stress Injury legislation and providing trainings to locals. 

President Brian K. Rice and CPF Director of Governmental Affairs Christy Bouma discuss legislative priorities. 

President Brian K. Rice is joined by CPF Communications Director, Carroll Wills, and Deputy Communications Director, Fera Dayani to discuss the future of labor and tips to activate your membership.

Episode one is hosted by CPF President Brian Rice with special guests Nick Gracia, President of Daly City Firefighters Local 1879, and Brian Ursettie, President of Arcadia Firefighters Local 3440. The three leaders will discuss why each CPF member made the choice to get active in our union and the power of standing together to make the firefighter voice heard.

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