Biochemical Exposures Presumption FAQ

What’s covered?

Any illness or death that is caused by exposure to a biochemical substance that develops or occurs during a period while a member is in the service of a fire department including: a city or county department, a fire district, CAL FIRE, UC or CSU departments, or a county forestry or firefighting department. Illness or death that occurs during a period of separation from service, as defined below, are also covered.

A “biochemical substance” is defined as any biological or chemical agent used as a weapon of mass destruction. This includes chemical warfare agents, weaponized biological agents, and nuclear agents.

What’s provided?

Full hospital, surgical, and medical treatment, as well as disability and death benefits.

How long does the presumption last?

This presumption is available during the course of employment, as well as following termination of service for a period of time that depends on the length of employment. The presumption is available to a member after the termination of service for 3 months for each year of service completed. There is a maximum of 60 months, or 5 years, following termination of service.