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Jul 01, 2022

IARC: Being a Firefighter Causes Cancer

An international cancer research organization, comprising dozens of medical experts from eight countries (including the US) have said it as clearly as you can say it.

Being a firefighter can cause cancer.

In a medical report published in conjunction with its conference in Lyons, France, the International Agency for Research on Cancer declared firefighters' occupational exposure to be a Group 1 carcinogen -- the most dangerous level. 

This declaration means that the job of a firefighter is, itself, a cancer causing agent, the same as if it were a chemical or other carcinogen.


This international designation is the product of decades of research and rigorous review and analysis. It is the clearest, most definitive declaration of the link between the job of a firefighter and cancer risk.

This designation also magnifies the importance of documenting exposures on the job that create this link. Despite this and other overwhelming evidence, firefighters every day face resistance to lawful cancer presumption claims. 

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