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Jul 20, 2022

Welcome to the New CPF Website

Brothers and Sisters,

Over the last several years one of our primary goals has been to modernize and increase our communications with the membership statewide. In 2018, we implemented a new social media strategy focused on using key platforms as an important avenue to deliver pertinent information to members. Since implementing that strategy, we have increased our presence and engagement across all social platforms, becoming a trusted source for labor information and resources. 

As part of our modernization strategy, we also launched what is now the award-winning Fire Wire podcast, allowing us to tell our members stories in a new and accessible format. The podcast keeps the membership connected statewide, informing them of the struggles and wins of our brothers and sisters throughout California. When COVID-19 swept through our communities we were faced with a new puzzle, how to stay connected with members and leaders through a pandemic? I’m proud to say we organized and hosted several virtual events, including town halls, district meetings and even a convention, helping us rethink how members can engage with CPF.   

The culmination of our communications strategy has led to our most important modernization project, our new CPF website. We are proud to welcome you to the new website, a multi-year project utilizing the latest in website design and technology. The website is easy to navigate, mobile responsive and puts the members needs first. Whether you are a first-time visitor looking to learn about the value of unions or a longtime leader looking for resources to bring back to your membership, finding what you need is easier than ever before.

Our commitment to strive for improved communications is never ending and we will continue to advance our efforts in this field, including continued work on this new website. As you explore the website we want to hear from you, let us know what you think about the website and if there is anything we can improve on. Click here to tell us what you think and we hope you find the website a useful tool for your needs.

In Solidarity,
Brian K. Rice